Going on Offense to Transform Higher Ed: Register Today!

Powerful people often say, "never let a good crisis go to waste." In higher education, we know that is all too true as budgets still haven't recovered from the massive cuts during the Great Recession and the privatization schemes that followed. We know that Wall Street sees higher education not as the essential public service that it is, but as an enormous financial opportunity for the 1%. 

As workers organizing in higher education, it is our duty to fight to protect the public good and our future. In this series, we're partnering with Bargaining for the Common Good to convene UCW members from all over the country to dive into how austerity is impacting higher education today, and learn how we can build the strongest campaigns possible to fight back on our own terms.

We're encouraging UCW members to register for this series with a cohort of your fellow union members so that you can work to apply the concepts and tools we'll be sharing in real time to your active campaigns. If you're not sure who to pair up with, please register and organizers will put you in touch with a group of members in your region.

Tools you'll learn and apply during this series include: power mapping, campaign escalation, strategic campaigns and targeting, creative tactics, effective messaging, and grassroots legislative engagement.