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9/8/21, New America, Federal Higher Education Policy During COVID-19

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9/9/21, Inside Higher Ed, Higher Ed Labor United Plans ‘Fall of Action’

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9/10/21, Inside Higher Ed, CDC Report Finds Masks Curb Spread of COVID-19 on Campus

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08/27/21, Inside Higher Ed, A Union for Admissions Workers
08/20/21, Inside Higher Ed, Rutgers Ordered to Release Athletics Financial Data
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08/06/21, Facebook Disables NYU Research Accounts, 
08/05/21, The Intercept, Nancy Pelosi's Surprise Flip on Student Debt Cancellation Came After Urging From Billionaire Power Couple
08/04/21, Higher Ed Dive, Digging out of the pandemic's economic turmoil, public colleges hike tuition

07/29/21, Inside Higher Ed, Shared Governance, Then and Now