UCW News

11/3/21, Georgia Recorder, Arizona Supreme Court Rules That Mask Mandate Ban Is Unconstitutional

The Arizona state Supreme court has ruled that mask mandate can remain in place. The court unanimously ruled that banning protections against coronavirus is unconstitutional. UCW members in Arizona have been fighting this ban for months. 

11/1/21, The Rocky Mountain Collegian, Campus Equity Week highlights unionization, fair pay

Colorado State University organized a Campus Equity Week starting Oct. 25. At​​ the event, speakers sought to educate students about their power as workers and tuition payers, and to advocate for non-tenure track faculty. United Campus Workers like Alex Wolf-Root showed the members at CSU what power they could gains with collective bargaining rights and organization.

10/27/21, Flagpole, UGA Charges Tobacco Fee to Nonsmokers

UCWGA union members are fighting the automatic surcharge for tobacco us on faculty. The university’s benefits enrollment system automatically takes at least $100 from employees accounts  unless they opt out. Members are now talking with state and local representatives to fight the surcharge.

10/05/21, Corporate Dorm Lords, Putting Profit Before People's Lives

Public-private partnerships are supposed to provide the best of both worlds. The actions of corporate  Corvias and Greystar show this is not the case. They have made it clear that  profit is their primary concern. In this newly lauched site, UCW workers compile  their investigations and research into two dangerous corporate entities