United Campus Workers of Virginia

United Campus Workers of Virginia is building worker power at UVA, seeking to unify and improve the labor conditions of the diverse workforce that makes it run

ID: UCWVA UVA logo. Circle, with red outer band. White text on top of circle reads "United Campus Workers", text on bottom reads "UVA". Inner circle: red flag over orange UVA rotunda, over blue background with yellow lightning

UCWVA-UVA used its mutual aid fund to distribute N95 masks and carbon filters to UVA frontline workers this Saturday, October 17th.

On September 14, members of United Campus Workers of Virginia at UVA held its first organizing training for recruiting new members.

United Campus Workers of Virginia at UVA (UCWVA-UVA) has announced it is partnering with student groups to solicit fi

On Labor Day 2020, UCWVA-UVA's Labor History Working Group gave a virtual teach-in on the history of labor activism at UVA and what our current unionization movement can learn from it.

On September 2, UCWVA-UVA held a Die-In protest against in-person classes and austerity on the Lawn and steps of the rotunda at the University of Virginia, sending a message to university administr